Community Manager & PR

With an experience of many years, I am specialized in social media and online communication.
Thanks to my work, your studio will gain increased visibility on the Internet and the social media.


I’m working in close collaboration with your Marketing and Communication team:

  • News publication and moderation
  • Daily survey on all major social media
  • Proposition of news and strategic online campaigns
  • Creation of the missing social media pages
  • Advice for the website

I’ve a PDF that explains in details my services. Just contact me to get it.

My network

One of my main strengths is my large and extensive network of contacts. This is the result of my work over 15 years in the visual effects industry.
It is reinforced constantly through my two websites, Swiss Made VFX and The Art of VFX.

I’ve founded Swiss Made VFX in 2009. Its purpose is to promote the work of Swiss artists in post-production in Switzerland, but also internationally.

Launched in 2010, The Art of VFX is a website that purpose exclusive interviews with international VFX artists but also news and videos.

My clients

I worked for a dozen visual effects studios and animation all around the world and especially in Canada, France and Switzerland.
My two main clients are Rodeo FX and Elefant Studios.

Elefant Studios is a VFX and animation studio based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Rodeo FX is an award winning studio based in Montreal, Canada with offices in Quebec City and Los Angeles.